Monday, December 18, 2006

Key Transitions - Professional Organizing

Key Transitions, founded by Kristen Hartman and Beverly Outlaw, is devoted to helping individuals and businesses develop systems that support them in achieving their goals. Our philosophy is that organizing is a means to an end and not the end itself. The system used to achieve organization must fit the personality of the individual or the culture of the business and must support a more productive and less stressful environment.

In this forum we will share with you issues that our clients have identified as problems in achieving organization and solutions they have found helpful. We will also share a little bit about ourselves and our business and may even wax poetic about products and systems we find valuable in our work.

Speaking of waxing poetic, the way we selected the name for our business is an interesting tale. I (Beverly) have always dabbled in poetry. And I occasionally write a poem or song for special events in the lives of my family and friends. One such occasion was the college graduation of a friend who had obtained a degree in music therapy. The poem is called Key Wishes.

by B. S. Outlaw

May you be your own key to success
The ultimate "Open Sesame"
To endless possibility

May you sing life in the key of joy
A melodious cacophony;
A unique blend of harmony

May you obtain all your key desires;
Pure hopes fashioned of noble goals
Realized as your life unfolds

As Kristen and I considered various names for our business, we wanted to convey a sense of empowerment to the individual client. We wanted to impart the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain the systems we would establish and we wanted a product that would enhance the wellbeing of those with whom we worked. We wished for empowerment, joy and success for ourselves and for those we would touch. The poem conveyed the “Keys” we wanted to give our clients to unlock the way to a more organized and productive life. We decided Key would be part of our name.

Then we thought about the things that cause us to let disorder become a way of life. Through personal experience and through talking to folks who struggled with problems of disorganization, we discovered that times in life that caused change and upheaval were those times when we are all morel likely to be overcome with clutter. It could be moving, welcoming new family members, merging households, moving to a smaller place and a host of other things. During these life transitions, too little time, too little space, too little energy contribute to a little disorganization that grows into an overwhelming problem. These times of transition in our lives are the times we need help in taming clutter and staying on top of it through organization. So, we decided to call ourselves Key Transitions.

Visit us at to learn more about us and what we do.

Beverly and Kristen

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