Monday, December 01, 2008

Plan for Easy Holiday Decorating

I just finished going through the weekend sales fliers, trying to decide if there was a bargain or two I needed to pursue. While none of the sales tempted me, I did notice that several department stores featured storage boxes for Christmas decorations.

It really is a smart idea to let consumers know that these convenient storage tools are available at the time that many of us are hauling out our decorations and finding that we did not do such a good job of putting them away last year. Lights are tangled, pretty tree ornaments are damaged and there is a piece missing from the nativity set (guess we will have to settle for we two kings of orient are)

In a few weeks, when it is time to put those ornaments away again, give yourself a break for next year. Try these simple hints:

Store decorations in see through boxes of uniform size or clearly labeled opaque boxes. Buy those custom decoration storage boxes while they are on sale and throw away the ratty cardboard boxes as you unpack

Roll strings of lights around coffees cans or similar sized cans with lids. Store the extra lights in the can with some paper towels or other batting to keep them from rolling around and breaking.

Store decorations according to the room in which they will be displayed. Next year you can choose to do one room at a time without lugging out all the decorations.

When you put the decorations in the storage place, go by the last in, first out rule. If you put the Christmas tree up first, put that closest to the entrance so you can remove it and get it set up as your first decorating step.

Next year decorating will be a snap!

Beverly & Kristen

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