Monday, June 25, 2007

Organizing Garden Tools

With summer here, we are spending more time outdoors. Not all of the time is spent playing or lolling in the sun. Home maintenance chores and hobbies, growing flowers, plants and vegetables require the use of tools that have seen little use during the winter months. Organizing tools and supplies is easier than ever with nifty products on the market.

If you have four hundred dollars to spend, Brookstone sells a prefabricated storage shed that stands 64” high. Deck storage boxes also proved convenient weather-proof storage. Some of them are configured as benches with a storage compartment under the seat.

Some storage boxes have matching containers for a garden hose. These boxes allow the hose to be fed to the outdoor spigot through a hole in the container.

There are many less expensive alternatives for storing garden tools and hoses. Hose storage alternatives range from a $7 hook that hangs over the spigot to decorative bronze and wrought iron holders that are works of art. Get Organized offers a sturdy wire garden tool organizer that has a hose hook attached. The same company also distributes a rolling garden tool cart with slots for large tools and six side pockets for smaller items. A sheet of pegboard can be used with hooks and clamps to organize equipment. Over door hanging baskets are good choices for gloves, seed packets and smaller items. Mulitbin organizers also provide a convenient way to store items within view.

Alternatives to storing garden tools can be found at the following websites:

Beverly and Kristen

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