Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pet Projects

Pets become members of our families. As much fun as they are to have around, they require time and care. They also have a host of products that we must keep around the house to make sure they are comfortable and happy. Pets come with their own brand of clutter—feeding dishes, pet beds, litter boxes, training paper, pet food and toys are just a few. There are some products on the market that provide a little order or a way to cover common eyesores associated with pet care.

Pet beds are more attractive than a heap of blankets on the floor. Some pet beds, disguised as furniture, offer attractive solutions to housing pets in small spaces where everything is in view. The dog bed/ cubby combination from Pottery Barn has a bed large enough for medium sized dogs topped with nine cubbies for storing pet supplies or family gear. Orvis carries “furniture crates”, pet crates in various wood finishes made like a dresser for animals up to seventy-five pounds and like an end table for smaller pets. The dresser has two functional drawers. At Precious Pets Paradise there is even a pet Murphy bed that folds into a cabinet and pulls down to provide a resting-place. Pet Smart carries a variety of cat furniture that provides a combination of perches, cylinders and cubes for scratching, perching and resting. Their bamboo bed with storage drawer is a convenient way to hide away toys. You can even hide the litter box with covers available in wood from Pet Smart and whicker from Orvis

These vendors also offer a number of solutions for feeding stations that come in wrought iron, porcelain and wood. Orvis carries a wooden feeding station in two heights and two finishes. They also offer attractive alternatives for storing pet food including hand made wooden barrels and a lift-and –store feeding station that stores twenty pounds of food underneath and has two feeding bowls on top. Pet Smart offers automatic feeders that are convenient for cats and a Drinkwell water fountain that encourages drinking and keeps water fresh, as well as a dog-proof cat feeding station for the 40% of dog owners who also have a cat.

When you take your dog for a walk or to the dog park, pack all his gear in the Olly dog park sling that has organizer pockets, a poop bag dispenser and dual leash attachments for hands-free walking. It is available in two sizes from REI Outlet.

Finally, organize all your pets information including papers, inoculations and medical information in a spiral bound organizer for important papers that includes a place to leave instructions for sitters and vets. This is available at Orvis.

Pets are a pleasure. There are ways to keep your home organization from going to the dogs while you enjoy their company.

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