Monday, August 17, 2009

Organize Plastic Food Storage Containers

Even Vanna White has trouble keeping her Tupperware organized. In her wrap-up conversation with Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune, she lamented having to clean out kitchen cabinets to find a container top. She also smiled brightly as she expounded on how great it felt to have all her containers organized.

It certainly would have inspired me to tackle disorganized containers if I had any. A few years ago I came up with a solution that works for me. I store my containers with the lids on them in a ten-gallon plastic container on a shelf in my mudroom. Just off the kitchen, it is a convenient spot for these items and allows efficient use of my limited kitchen cabinet space. The one thing I have to do is make sure the containers are thoroughly dry before popping the lid on and storing. Otherwise the container will smell bad. There are a few other solutions that our clients have found helpful.

Store with the lids on, stacked in kitchen cabinets. This works for folks who have ample cabinet space or limited containers.

Separate round containers and lids from square containers and lids. Then stack the containers inside each other. Corral the round container lids in one large plastic bag or basket and the square lids in another.

If you want a more orderly arrangement you can find two kinds of plastic lid holders at One attaches to the cabinet door and one is freestanding.

In spaces where storage is on exposed shelves, a decorative rack for dishes or pot lids can hold the container lids. They can then be arranged by size for easy retrieval. Some examples can be found at and Ballard’s also has a seventeen-inch wide wooden caddy that could hold lids.

Whatever way you chose to store your plastic food storage containers, occasionally take time to discard cracked, abraded and discolored items that may leak or harbor bacteria.

Beverly & Kristen

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