Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Organize Emergency Pet Supplies

June first marks the beginning of hurricane season. Virginia granted a tax-free holiday for selected supplies and many of us stocked up on the things we need in case of a weather emergency. It is time to look around at the furry, feathered and scaly creatures we call our pets and make sure we have an emergency plan for their care as well. We need to be ready to take care of their needs if we have to shelter in place without water and electricity or if we have to evacuate in the path or aftermath of bad weather.

Many shelters do not allow pets so it becomes even more important to make sure the plan includes adequate food and water and a safe shelter. Put together a kit that includes:
Ÿ Food and water for five days
Ÿ Manual can opener if needed and a containers for food and water
Ÿ Bedding and favorite toys
Ÿ Kitty litter, scoop, paper, deodorizer bags and other materials for elimination disposal
Ÿ Medications and medical records, shots and vaccinations in waterproof container
Ÿ Pet carrier, heavy duty leash and harness for each pet

Place the materials in a container that is easily portable and keep it with other emergency supplies. When weather emergencies occur you will be prepared to take care of your pets as well as yourself and your family.

Beverly & Kristen

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