Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Organizing Insight

Staying organized is not always easy. Even organizers have trouble spots. For me that is clothes. I think as soon as I give that orange blouse away, I will find the perfect suit to go with it. So things hang around longer than they should. One day I was going through the painful task of culling clothes from my crowded closet, when I pulled down a skirt set I loved but had not worn in a while. I discovered that the elastic in the waste band had hardened and stretched. I had to toss it or repair it. Then it hit me! I needed to do what I tell everybody else to do--only keep those things I use and enjoy. Bags of clothes went to charity that day.

The insight I took away from that experience is that not being organized is a real drain on my energy and a waste of good stuff. Everything I keep requires time and energy to take care of it or time and energy to clean it up and haul it away. Clearing clutter and staying organized conserves my time and energy. I am amazed it took me decades for that to hit home.

If you have questions about organizing or want to expose yourself to some insights about the things that keep clutter in your life, take a trip to the Meyera Obendorf Memorial Library in Virginia Beach on the morning of Saturday, January 30th. A panel of professional organizers will be there from 10:30 to 12:00 to answer any questions about organizing. The organizers are members of Hampton Roads Professional Organizers and are offering this service as part of National Get Organized Month activities. I hope to see you there.

Beverly & Kristen

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