Sunday, February 28, 2010

Manage Time

February is Time Management Month. Good grief! Where did the time go? I think it is fitting that time management is celebrated during the shortest month of the year. It is hard enough to get the bills paid and fit in everything that has to be done by the first of the next month when we have a full thirty-one days to do it. But February challenges us to get it done with fewer days--- and we usually squeak by.

Most of us do it by using time management tools. We use these things without even thinking about it. They have become ingrained in our everyday lives to such an extent that we do not even think of them as time management devices. Here are the most helpful time management tools as identified by 200 people in a national survey.

A monthly calendar. Most successful people use a manual or digital calendar that lists appointments and important things to accomplish.

A to-do list. Keeping a list of what is to be accomplished is a good way to keep things from slipping through the cracks. Highly successful people list a date to accomplish the task and often allocate time on their calendar.

Prioritizing. Life becomes overwhelming unless the most important tasks get handled first. Many people have trouble prioritizing. If you are one of them, try this 1-2-3 method. Ask yourself which of the items will result in a bad consequence if it is not handled today. Put a 1 next to those items. Which items will result in a bad consequence if it is not done in the next three days? Put a 2 next to those items. What items will result in a problem if not done in the next week? Put a 3 next to those items. Now tackle the items marked 1 first, 2 second and so on.

Most folks find using just these simple tools allows them to adequately manage time.

Beverly & Kristen

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