Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organize Gardening Supplies

The daffodils are lining our yards and there is no snow on the ground. It must be springtime-time to spruce up the outside of the house (if you can find the tools to do it). The shovel may be handy from clearing the walkway from the snow we had until about a month ago. But what about the rest of the tools you need?

Make it easy on your self and organize the lawn and garden equipment. There are a host of products for organizing the smallest hand tools to the largest energy powered models. There are also many hooks and holders not designed specifically for garden tools that work well for both stationary and portable storage.

For stationary storage, mount a section of pegboard and select the hooks that fit your tool collection. Alligator Board has a section of metal pegboard on wheels that would serve very well as a garden tool storage center. Hooks designed to hold mops and brooms work well for light tools. For heavier tools like shovels take a look at the host of storage solutions at www.gemplers.com. They range from straight bar storage to specialty storage systems for weed trimmers and leaf blowers. There is also a hanging tool organizer at www.gardeningwithkids.org that measures five feet by five feet and has pockets for both long-handled and short-handled tools. This site, sponsored by the National gardening Association, also has a nice variety of accessories for potting and displaying plants.

Portable storage for smaller items that you tote out to the garden should either be light enough for you to carry without strain or be on wheels. A simple solution is a five-gallon bucket with a bucket cover to hold the tools. You can find these at the local hardware store. You can even make the cover yourself with a pattern available at www.bucketsgonewild.com. You can find a garden seat on wheels with storage for supplies underneath it at www.solutions.com. John Deere makes a portable garden cart on wheels that is available at most garden centers and a variety of garden tool totes are available at hardware and department stores.

When you have selected a storage system for your gardening tools, organize them by frequency of use. Place the ones you use everyday at the easiest place to reach, or store in a portable organizer for the duration of the gardening season.

For inspiration on more storage solutions check out the following websites:

Beverly & Kristen

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